All SOULEL products are made only from organic ingredients, the country of origin of all ingredients is indicated on the website. SOULEL products are manufactured in Lithuania.

The uniqueness of SOULEL products lies in their creation based on years of experience in naturopathy in collaboration with pharmacologist Virgilijus Skirkevičius. Each SOULEL product is designed to support a specific bodily function.

  • SOULEL products can be divided into two categories of use:


    SOULEL products which are consumed in the first half of the day:


    • + Organic Biota – before meal
    • + Organic Booster – before meal
    • + Organic Heart – before meal
    • + Organic Purples – during the meal 
    • + Organic Dirt – before meal

    SOULEL products which are consumed in the second half of the day:


    • + Organic Detox – before meal
    • + Organic Calm – after meal
    • + Organic Purples – during the meal

You can find the usage instructions for each SOULEL product on the website, under the product description section or on the product packaging.

We cannot provide a specific answer because each person’s body is different. If you want to be sure about using SOULEL products and other products (supplements, medications) together, we recommend consulting your doctor.

The SOULEL products suitable for children are:


  • + Organic Biota – for intestinal activity.
  • + Organic Purples – a source of antioxidants.

Other Soulel products might contain caffeine or have strong effects due to the plant powders in them, so they are not recommended for children.

Soulel products suitable for pregnant and nursing women are:


  • + Organic Biota
  • + Organic Purples


Soulel products not recommended for pregnant and nursing women:


  • + Organic Detox
  • + Organic Dirt
  • + Organic Booster
  • + Organic Heart
  • + Organic Calm
  • + Organic Mushrooms

Yes, because all SOULEL products are made from natural plants, roots, seeds, vegetables, fruits, and contain no added sugars, artificial flavors, preservatives, additives, or synthetic materials.

There are no substances or products in SOULEL products that cause allergies or intolerance as indicated in European Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011, but we cannot guarantee that SOULEL products or their ingredients will not cause allergies in individual persons. Detailed information about the ingredients and their quantities is provided for each product on the SOULEL website, so we recommend carefully reading the product description before ordering SOULEL products.

After opening SOULEL products, we recommend storing them in a dry, dark place. It is especially recommended to use a dry and clean spoon when using the product, ensuring that no additional moisture enters the product and that the product itself does not lose its powdery consistency.

The best before date of Soulel products is indicated on each product package.


However, blends contain less than 8% moisture so they are good to use even if best before date is over.

We are not allowed to give any medical advise, as we do not know your medical history. If you have any health related questions or concerns, we recommend consulting your doctor before using SOULEL products.


Our commitment to the environment is one of our top priorities, so our products are packaged using a minimal amount of plastic, utilizing eco-friendly recycling options.


Glass jars. We use glass jars as the main packaging option for our products. This not only ensures that your products are safely stored but also reduces the use of plastic in the manufacturing process. Additionally, glass is easily recyclable, so your containers can be reused.


Paper shipping packaging. Our environmental commitment does not stop at product packaging. We also use paper shipping packaging, which has already been used and will be recycled in the future.


You can be sure that your consumption habits will not harm the environment.


Currently, SOULEL products are only sold on the website and there are no options to purchase products in physical stores.

Currently, we only collaborate with “Venipak” couriers in Lithuania, who offer two delivery options:

  • 1) your order is delivered directly to the specified address, or
  • 2) your order is delivered to your chosen “Venipak” parcel locker.


For other European orders we operate with different logistic partners (TNT, DHL, etc.) depending on territory.

The delivery cost in Lithuania is 3 euros, regardless of the size of the shopping cart and the chosen delivery method. The delivery cost is included in the final order amount.


Delivery outside Lithuania costs 10 euros.

Yes. we ship all across EU and the UK.

Normally, paid orders are handed over to the courier service within 1-2 business days, and delivery to the customer takes up to 1-5 business days. “Venipak” courier service informs customers via SMS or mobile phone about orders handed over to couriers and the specific planned delivery time.


Outside Lithuania shipping takes 3-7 business days (depending on territory).

You can track your package by receiving an informational message from “Venipak” couriers. You will receive such an informational message when the warehouse has prepared your order.


For EU and the UK orders we send by email tracking number after package is collected from our warehouse.


In accordance with Lithuanian legislation, quality food products (including dietary supplements) cannot be exchanged or returned. Read what is considered a quality food (including dietary supplements) in the return section.